Child Specific Services

Children have unique needs & hence require specialised services & techniques that can meet them. We offer the following:

  • Psychotherapy/ individual counselling for children, adolescents & parent/caregiver (for behaviour & emotional difficulties)
  • Family Intervention including parental guidance, counselling & psycho-education
  • Assessment & Therapy with children using play & other contemporary techniques
  • Home & Social Skills development program
  • Emotion Quotient (EQ) Development & Management
  • Developmental & Vocational guidance activities
  • Educational & Training Programs for Parents, Children & Schools

Assessments & Remedial Education Services

Intended to educate students in the skills that are required to successfully complete gateway courses, seek admission or academic promotion & complete a program of study. This is achieved through identifying the gaps in basic academic skills & bridging them by developing the missing skill set.

  • Assessments required by schools & institutions e.g, intelligence testing (IQ testing)
  • Counselling families of children with various disabilities such as ADHD, LD, Dyslexia etc.
  • Sessions for school staff, counsellors & teachers for effective management of children with exceptionalities.

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