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Psychological Testing

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All type of Psychological Testing

Psychological Test Available

We also Provide Psychological Testing Services for all age Group Male And Female. Currently we have 50+ Psychological Test Available. And we update our Test Catalogue time to time.

Testing Done by RCI Registered Faculty & Other Psychology Expert.
Clinical Psychology Testing
Counselling Psychology Testing
Industrial / Organizational Psychology Testing
Others Psychological Testing

These Test Available

16 PF 
A Guide to Counselling Full Developing Employees Thought Performance Reviews
ADHD Diagnostic Test (Inattention, Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, Conduct Disorder)
ADHDT-2 (Only Summary Performa) 
Adjustment Inventory 
Adjustment Inventory for school Student 
Anxiety , Depression, Stress Scale
Autism Dignostic Checklist (Performa only)
Beck Anxiety Inventory
Beck Depression Inventory
Beck Hopelessness scale
Beck Scale for Suicidal
Beck youth Inventory
Bell Adjustment Inventory
Bhatiya Battery (Not Full)
Career Maturity inventory
Children Self Concept Scale  (Class 3 to 12)
Case Study Form L N Dubey 
Clinical Case Study Form ( only)
clinical case Study Manual Dixit
Cognitive Style Inventory Manual 
Conduct Disorder SCALE (Only Manual)
Creative Thinking Verbal & Non Verbal  (Non V- 12 to 14 Adolescents Class 7-8)
Depression scale   Hindi Indian
Depression Scale 
Educational Interest Record
Emotional Intelligence Test (Performa Only)
Emotional maturity Scale
Family  Environment Scale 
General Well-being scale (Performa Only)
Guidance Need inventory
Health Problems Checklist
Home Environment inventory (Class 8 to 10 Only)
Life Skills Scale
Locus of Control Manual 
Marital Adjustment Questionnaire
Mental Health Inventory MHI – 38
Non Verbal Test of Creativity Thinking
Occupational Stress 
Personality Inventory Entro – Extero 
Scientific Aptitude test For College Student
Scientific Interest Inventory
self confidence inventory Agnihotri
Sentence Completion Test
SFBT (Record Sheet only)
Social Adjustment Inventory
Social Maturity Scale (Performa Only)
Socio Economic Status Index  
Specific Learning Disability
Spirituality Attitude Scale
Structured Interview Scale
Teacher Adjustment inventory MTAI
Test Anxiety Scal for child
Youth Problem Inventory

Coming Soon.....

Social Communication questionnaire
Intellectual Disability scale
Life satisfaction Scale for children with Autism
Functional Assessment checklist
Behavioural Assessment Scale for Adult Living – MR
Eysencks Personality Questionnaire
Children’s Personality Questionnaire
Adolescent Adjustment Inventory
High school Personality Questionnaire
Self Analysis form
Zuckerman – Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire
Emotional Quotient
Emotional intelligence test
Social Intelligence scale
Problem solving and decision making 
Problem solving ability test
Mobile phone addiction scale
Clinical assessment of depression
General health Questionnaire
Quality of life Questionnaire
Multiple Anxiety scale
Psychiatric Diagnostic screening Questionnaire
Garos sexual Behaviour inventory
Stress profile
Family Intervention scale
Death Anxiety scale
Conduct disorder  – Performa
Aggression Questionnaire
Adult suicidal ideation Questionnaire
Interpersonal behaviour survey
Achievement motivation scale
Rorschach Ink Blot Test

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