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Therapet is essentially the therapy pets provide. Those who love animals are proof of how they can change your day, mood or life miraculously. Animals are often used to aid the process of therapy especially with children & help the therapist gage a lot from their interaction. They foster healing, recovery & a general sense of wellbeing. They teach you a whole lot about caregiving, responsibility & being gentle, to name a few things. Studies show that spending time with pets can help reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression. We organize quality, supervised, structured or unstructured sessions with:

  • Puppies & Dogs
  • Kittens & Cats

Therapet is very different from pet therapy or animal assisted therapy but shares a common ground where animals are a source of therapy, relief or even strength. These domesticated pets are sensitively selected according to their temperament & their ability to be around adults, children & individuals with exceptionalities.

This mode of therapy is most beneficial for individuals dealing with Anxiety (specifically Social Anxiety), Depression, aids individuals or families while mourning a loss or coping with trauma, for children with Developmental Delays & Disorders. Individuals are screened by a Psychologist or a Child Behavior Specialist prior to the session for their own safety & that of the pet, compatibility & suitability to this form of therapy. This therapy is for all and has the power to benefit all those who are open to it.

*We take responsibility of safety & care of animal hygiene/ vaccinations.

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